November 12, 2007

holiday far far away

why is it that everytime when someone mentioned of taking a holiday, people must assume it has to be an overseas trip? not everyone can afford to fly half the globe just to lie there on the white sandy beach. or go diving in maldives? Taking the train from London to Paris just to see the Eiffel Tower, or travel to New York for the lastest designer's handbag?

those are the lifes of the rich and famous, not many can afford. For me, it doesn't really matter where i go as long as i have my family with me. i'll be happy enough to just go fishing near the lake and have a barbecue. Travelling with kids to a far away place can be really exhausting, especially to places like Rome where you don't speak the local language. So it is important that you pre-book you trip and accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment. Do check easytobook as they offer hotel from one to five stars, all bookings made without additional booking fees.


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