November 29, 2007

shopaholic syndrome checklist

do you have the following syndrome?

  1. online shopping when you're not out shopping at the malls.
  2. you know where to find the best deals with online shopping coupons codes.
  3. you know shopaholics don't pay full price, yet the get the best bargains.
  4. nothing can stop you from shopping, not even when credit card debts piled so high.
if you do have any of the above, chances are you're a shopaholic and you rather not eat lunch for an entire week just to save enough money to get that Coach handbag from Zappos. Don't worry, you have company. i'm just like you. i love online shopping. Especially during holiday season like this, you feel like everybody needs a gift. so you just keep buying and buying it. things are always much cheaper if buying with coupon codes. just enter the code at checkout and get discount.

I'm thinking of getting Nickelodeon toys for my nephews, i get free shipping with purchases over $50. and perhap a cookware set for my mom to add to her collection. as for my hubs, i think he'll love a Swiss Army watch.

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