November 28, 2007

3 friends in 3 weeks

hubs got home at 3am last night. he went to the wake of a friend. his friend died in his sleep, the cause of his death was heart attack. at the wake, he met so many friends he hasn't seen in ages at the funeral parlour. it's funny how death brought people together. gatherin at a friend's death, sometimes so uncanny.

when hubs got home last night, i can almost hear his fear when he said how he lost 3 of his friends in just 3 weeks, all died of heart attack. this is a society where everyone lacks exercise,while horrible unhealthy fatty food is the main culprit. the world needs a wake up call.


Hi! I got here through the Love Chain. My hubby is on his way home with college friends from visiting the wake of their college classmate who died a tragic death.

But your post 3 friends in 3 weeks is so sad. And yes, it is time to change lifestyles and be healthier.


hey, teacher julie,
thanks for droppin by.
this is not the first 3 friends died of heart attack. a few others died in just last yr alone.
heart attack is no joke, it came and it took a life, all of a sudden. so it's best do body and heart test every year. and most important, eat healthy.

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