November 29, 2007

GPS Insight tracking system

my hubs, being a rally driver, he obviously loves fast cars. 2 year back, he bought a Mitsubishi Evolution 7 with impressive engine rebuild. so you can imagine the speed and the horse power of the car. one night, 8 burglars came into our house compound and tried to drive the car away while we were in bed.

they disabled the car alarm, break the car's window without waking us up. what a bunch of expert car thieves. Lucky for us, the police were doing their rounds, they got caught.
Hubs then sold off the car for a Subaru S203. i really like this car, and i bet the car thieves loves it too. we seldom drives it out to shopping complexes or other unsafe places so to minimize the risk of the car being stolen. we had a steering lock from day one, but that's not enough. we knew it.

that's why we're looking for a reliable GPS tracking system for our car. I think the best GPS system in the market is
GPS Insight, a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product. It is normally installed on vehicles of service and trucking companies to enable them to track their employees activities and location. Delivery companies and posting companies are often a target market for such GPS system. but more and more individual opted for such GPS system to prevent car thief.

It gives 2 minutes update from a very high end map like show in the picture below.

this second srcreenshot shows a satellite view of the cars with GPS Insight tracking system installed.

the many advantage of having such a high tech tracking system in a company includes the ability to trace the activities of the vehicle, the fuel consumption, speed violation of a particular driver, vehicle performance such as the diagnostic of the engine performance.

they now comes with a 30 days money back guarantee free trial for company who qualifies. It only cost $1.50-2 per day per vehicle, pretty good deal. in the long run, it benefits the company when the employees performance improves because of the constant monitoring of the management through the GPS Insight.

If hubs were to install this in his car, we could view the car real-time location on our cell phone with high quality maps. just in case some car thieves try to steal the car, it will send specialized proactive alerts, text messages, and reports of the vehicle location to our mobile. this way, we can drive our car wherever we go without having to worry about the car. Hubs friend who also has such a GPS system for his subaru, highly recommend it to hubs. i know he will get it pretty soon.


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