November 24, 2007

things we take for granted

today, my toaster gave up on me. i was craving for a piece of toast bread with thick creamy butter. damn. just a piece of bread, but without a toaster, how in the world can i toast a bread? can i possibly burn it on the gas stove? i guess no.

things we often take for granted, things around us that we're so used of having, it's like a part of us already. those
Daily Living Aids like the toaster, the fruit peeler, the microwave, the blender, washing machine. anything else, you name it yourself.

what would you be if these things are taken away from you for just a day? your workload will be 10 times much more, and it takes 10 times longer to complete a single task. not only those kitchen wares i mean, the crutches for your granny, or the wheelchair you need when you broke a leg. imagine how pathetic one's life would be without these simple yet essential things.


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