November 6, 2007

getting a first class honours

i'm not a very bright person, if i'm honest enough to say so. but on the brighter side, i have a degree. though i stuggled quite a bit, in fact a lot during my university, i'm glad i did it. i wasn't the type of bookworm that clings on to books or go around the university with a backpack full of revision books.

i'm more of a lazy student who enjoys the first few months of the semester hanging out, having tea with friends. and towards the end, when the reality hits me that i've a lot to catch up, i'll burn endless amount of midnight oil to get me through the finals. that's just so me. and good news is, this has become a norm student lifestyle.

if i ever get the chance to study again, i'll really put in my effort to get a first class honours, because the last degree i got is not a first class. capella university might be a good start for me, it offers offers graduate various online degree programs majoring in so many fields. i'm sure i'll find something i'm really interested in.


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