November 8, 2007

my fabulous casing

i just bought a phone casing for my iphone and it cost me $120. and it's just a case for crying out loud. though i have no intention of buying it, i bought it anyway, for one reason, the mobile salesperson helped me reset my faulty youtube. it was no biggy deal, but seeing that he did it for me free of charge, it'll look bad on me for being cheapskate, don't you think?
anyway, i might need his expertise again in the future.

again, an iphone casing that cost $120, it better helps protect my iphone. i've seen people using SkinIt skins Adhesive Technology on their gadgets, it looks rather cool. especially those personalised ones. Now they even have it for laptops, well we sure know laptop casing are so prone to scratches, getting a Laptop skins wrapped sure helped protects it. There are thousands of designs to choose from, but i would prefer getting it customised with my darling boy's photo. Isn't it cool?
SkinIt fits almost all laptops from apple, toshiba, son, hp and such, so if you're thinking of getting it, consider it done.


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