November 20, 2007

i love to go there again

when i was studying in newcastle, my friends and i will spend our weekends and holidays travelling. as we're students, we can only afford to travel places by train. it was so much fun, we'll play poker and the 'dare' game during our journey. i missed those days. good thing is that i had a job as a waitress in the a restaurant near The Quayside, else i might not even have the money to travel. Everyday, after work, i'll take a walk along the quayside near the Tyne bridge, lovin every moment of it.
On sunday, even if it was snowing, my friends and i will walk to the church in our heavy and thick fluffy suit. it was a far walk from the university to the church, on the way passing the St James Park every sunday.

But no matter where i go, i love to shop. I'll get a fridge magnet to add to my collection. too bad that i didn't buy one when we got to the Leeds. i totally forgotten about it. thinkin back, i would rather switch going to the Royal Armouries Museum and trade it for a Leeds fridge magnet. well, i'm just not a big fan of museum. it sometimes freaks me out, in a weird way.


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