November 16, 2007

on a day like this, i went shoppin

i'm so not in the mood for bloggin, especially when my baby blog pr has gone down from a 4 to a good damn 0. i said i'm fine with it, i still am, but can't i just be pissed without any reason? what the heck, to the bin with this pr thingy.
i woke up this mornin, half asleep to check on any opportunities. NONE! fine. go back to sleep. for the entire day, i got no offers. how come? until sasha im-ed me tellin me babyshern has a 0. no wonder, sial.
no more refreshin my screen. went shoppin instead. to ikea to spend off my 45.20 return vouchers. shop shop shop and i ended up payin 32.00 extra. i bought all rubbish. things i can live without, but i bought it anyway cos it made me feel good.
this pr thingy is so not ruinin babyshern. and bloggginginmypyjamas ok.


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