November 1, 2007

away in my dreamland

do you have those moments where you dream you can live in someone else's land? those moment where you can't stop thinking maybe the grass is greener at the other side on the land? i'm sure you do. because i often dream so.

this has nothin to do with my life, just a case of my imaginary travels far beyond my mind can think. it often takes me places i dream of going, or staying, especially in western countries where i can build snowman in the winter, pick flowers in the spring, pick dried leaves in autumn, and chill out in summer. i love four seasons.

if given a chance, i think i might fit in pretty well there in Orlando, provided someone pays for my stay. Worse come to worse, there are many Orlando Hotels i can book online, as most websites offers 35-50% off the hotel normal rates. with 52 different theme parks, i can stay there for good, i really don't mind.


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