November 20, 2007

the best ever travel guide

have you ever been on a holiday with high excitement because you thought that place is worth a visit but only to come home in great disappointment? i experienced that before, for our trip to one of the city at the east coast of malaysia. i wished someone had told me that that place has nothing but rubber trees and a huge oil refinery plant.

do you know there's a travel guide you can check on places you want to go. real advice from real people who have actually been there. you know how some travel guide only mention the pros and never the cons of a particular place. this site was voted Best of Web for Trip Planning" by BusinessWeek, you couldn't see any better travel guide anywhere.

the main thing that attracts me is how adventurous people blog on their trips, providing an insight from a tourist point of view. so if you're thinking of going somewhere for a holiday, make sure you first check out travel guide. i tell you, it's worth it.


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