November 29, 2007

man and their love for sports

Man and their love for sports can make them do crazy things. i know that very well, given that my hubs has a great passion for sports such as formula one races and world rally championship. but this is not about my hubs, this is about a dear friend of mine, Toye.

he used to be a good baseball player during his high school days in Manchester. he was a very good player, he even represent manchester once to play in a match against Australia. well, the team lost. but that didn't stop him from loving the game even more.

Every spring training season, he'll be busy looking online tickets in hope to find a great deal so that he can fly there to watch the game live. He said nothing beats the joy of seeing live game with live audience. yes, i have to agree with him. If you asked him, he'll even tell you a 320 dollars ticket for a Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets MVP infield just pass 1st base one seating ticket in City of Palms Park, Fort Myers is worth the money, because that's a start of a very interesting league. well, man and their love for sports, just like ladies with their handbag craze. agree?


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