November 8, 2007

my printer cartridges

::this is a sponsored post::

in less than a year, my hp c6180 printer has cost me an arm and a leg. Firstly, the printer was expensive but it wasn't as good as i thought it will be. Too bad, too late, no refund can be made. Secondly, the catridge ink. it cost over 40 dollars for a tiny bit, in total there are 6 cartridges in black and other colors. I did changed it a couple of months ago, and now the low ink warning sign is blinking again. WHAT!

Good thing now i can find cheap and suitable cartridges for not only my printer but also for over 10,000 different fax machines and copier at
Cartridge Finder. What a relief to my pocket. At least, my HP prints nice photos.


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