March 7, 2009

Monex my BFF!

My aunt was just telling me the other day that for her daughter's wedding, she'll just give her a big ang pow (monetary gift) for her wedding, in which I reply, "you shouldn't". I know it's really not my say, a mom can give whatever to her daughter and of course I have no say. Instead I suggested that my aunt should buy gold accessories for her daughter, be it a gold chain, a bangle or even a pair of diamond studded earring. At least her daughter will have a valuable keepsake from her mother, a keepsake I'm sure she'll treasure many years down the road. Agree?

And guess what, just last week, my sister told me that gold price has increase up to 129 ringgit per gram. In just a mere 2 months, and that was like before the Chinese New Year, the price of gold is still somewhere around a hundred ringgit a gram. If only I knew gold price will increase so quickly, I'll spend my fortune buying gold instead of just cashing it in the bank earning a pitiful interest rate. Gold prices and Monex is now everyone's best friend.

Ya, so I said, If only! Too bad I didn't.


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