March 12, 2009

Dream wedding

It's almost over. The fatigue I experienced since Week 5 of my pregnancy is almost over. I don't feel as tired anymore. See, I can stay up till midnight, something which I wasn't able to do for the past 3 months. My body just felt so weak and it does trick to my mind as well. Just like how lack of sleep can makes me feel like I can float in the air, drifting along with the wind or something like that. Seriously.

I was watching Discovery Home and Health on cable TV just now, and didn't even realised that it's already was past my bed time. You know, I love watching the wedding planner because that kind of gives me an idea how a real wedding is. Of course there are endless and endless things to prepare, things to do on the wedding day itself. It's really getting to a point where it's almost impossible to have a wedding without a wedding planner. Unless you're in for a chaotic wedding.

No wonder more and more people are opting for destination weddings in romantic places far away from home, like at the White-Sandy Beaches of Riviera Maya. All they need to do is to fly in their closest family members and every thing else is taken care of. Stress-free wedding is so becoming the next big thing.


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