March 11, 2009

That's 500 bucks gone

Just got home after a long day out. We went to the hospital for my 3rd check-up and I'm happy to say that baby is growing so well despite the fact that my belly is not quite showing. My gynae told me that I've gained some weight but hello..400g don't count right. I can lose that weight after a pee and a poo. Seriously. Never mind, so long that the weight gain is not too dramatic.
I jokingly asked my gynecologist if it's too early to tell the sex of the baby (deep down inside, I'm hoping it's not too early to tell!), he said it's still to early and furthermore, baby's legs are positioned very close together. Oh well, never mind.

Oh, one more thing, there's glucose in my urine, which basically explains that my sugar level is quite high. So my gynae advised that I do self-monitoring for my glucose for the next couple of weeks, just in case he needs to put me on some medication. I've got a loan of the glucose monitoring device from the hospital for 320 ringgit, and my visit to the gynae cost 83 ringgit. That's like a whopping 500 bucks spent in just half a day, which includes our meal of course. Oh, money! So hard to earn, so easy to spend it. I need more morgan dollars.

After that, we went shopping, bought 2 panties. You know how all my clothes are starting to shrink, or rather I'm getting bigger as day passes. No thanks to the Sushi and Udon we had at sakae sushi before heading home. I used to be able to go out the entire day and not feel tired at all, but man, I'm so sleepy now already. I need a rest.


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