September 30, 2009

Life as a mother

One of the most significant changes about being a mother to a newborn baby is the lack of sleep. Or rather, limited uninterrupted sleep. Gone were the days where I can sleep straight for a good 6 hours or without anyone waking me up for milk. But I guess that's normal. My baby girl is probably the most easy going baby ever, she only wakes up one time for milk in the middle of the night. That really saves me lots of time and effort is trying to wake up to feed her milk.

As I look at my newborn baby, I can't help but think how long is it going to take to raise her till she's independent enough to do things on her own. At least, until she starts schooling, that time I'll find myself with different worries. Worrying if she's growing well or if she'll do well in school etc. Life as a mother is never easy eh. How I wish to get some free Disney World Tickets so I could bring the kids to Disney World for a day of great fun without a worry in the world. ::Wishful thinking::


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