September 25, 2009

Another week to go!

If you haven't know, we Chinese are a bunch of very particular people, especially when it comes to the tradition of confinement. That is, a lot of do and don't after giving birth to a baby. First, we must be confined to the four walls of our home, we cannot get out of the house. Then there's this other thing about not taking a shower. Old wives tales are said used to practise the habit of not showering for a whole month, that's like enduring 30 days of sweaty fat pig. How possible is that? I cannot see myself doing that honestly. I secretly showered on the third day and begged my mom to let me wash my hair on the 5th day of giving birth. I really have no idea why the Chinese practise these believes, but heck, my mom a.k.a my confinement lady makes it sounds all like "you'll live to regret it if you don't obey".

Another week to go till I'm allowed to do whatever I want. One thing for sure, in a weeks time, I'll sure tuck my little baby in her stroller, drag my 4 year old son with me to go shopping! I miss going to the mall so badly. And maybe over the weekend, we might even ask hubby to drive us for a getaway, I'll be glad to go anywhere to get out of the house. It'll be superbly wonderful if hubs were to surprise me with a riviera maya vacations. ::Hint hint::


LOL! this post makes me laugh. So you mean to tell me that traditions like this came from Chinese? oh my....being born in the 20th century i really can't take all these traditions. One time, i am not even allowed to site by the door sil. hahaha


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