May 20, 2009

We're back from Bandung

So here I am, poorer but a lot happier and satisfied, with a, a few dozen more new clothes to wear. Crazy isn't it? Just like bullion, one can never spend too much on clothes and accessories. Well, the fact is bullion gives outstanding investment return, given the current economic situation and the soaring price of bullion, no doubt bullion is a far better investment. Shopping gives temporary satisfaction but does no good to your bank account, I should know better before I indulged in the shopping therapy. Be wiser next time, buy gold instead.

This time around, I didn't really buy all that many clothes for myself, a pregnant woman don't need so many extras to wear, after all a pregnancy only last 9 months, and mine at 23 weeks, I only have 120 days to go. Yippie.

I bought so many new baby girl clothes, cannot resist not buying them as those little dresses, little pants and baby rompers are just too cute, and cheap too. I also got many new tees and pants for Shern and Marcus, and surprisingly, this time around Shern's clothes size is more or less about Marcus size. Shern is 3.6 years old and Marcus is almost 7 years old but I can fit both of them in either a size 6/7.

Shern's daddy didn't tag along, this trip is all about shopping and all of us sisters leave our husband back home, who need them to stress us up when we're shopping, keep them at home, this way everyone is happy. LOL.


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