May 20, 2009

Wedding planning

In less than 199 days, my beloved twin sister will be walking down the aisle with the love of her life. I'm so happy that she'll finally be getting married, having been together with her fiance for so many years. All wedding planning are under way, with her wedding gown being tailor made, her flower girl dresses being altered, the dinner banquet confirmed, everything is almost in place.

They are not planning on taking studio wedding photos because they have a far better plan in mind, that is to Bali for their pre-wedding shots. How romantic is that? Bali is a perfect place to capture memories, the architecture, the beach, the scenery, the people and weather, everything. What beats the fond memory of walking by the beach at sunset, or a romantic candle light dinner in a real Balinese place? No wonder so many people would rather spend a lot of money to get married elsewhere, the idea of the destination weddings is so very common nowadays.

But nevermind, for us married couples, there's always a chance to go honeymoon, even years after you got married, as long as the love is there, it'll always be as romantic I'm sure.


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