May 20, 2009

PGP in second pregnancy

23 weeks pregnant and feeling the pain on my lower back and buttock is now a normal thing I have to deal with. Even as early as week 10 into this pregnancy, I already had this pain. My OB-GYN said to me that it's normal for some pregnancy women to experience this pain. It's called Pelvic Girdle Pain, it is thought that this softening, along with postural changes, muscle weakness and differences in the movement occurring between the left and right pelvic joints can cause too much stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis. The worst thing is this pain will not go away as the pregnancy progress but in fact it will worsen. OH MY!

I also found out that the pain is usually made worse by lying on the back, turning over in bed, walking and standing from a sitting position. It is often worse at night and the degree of night pain is probably be related to how active one is during the day.

This is so true in my case, I got to refrain from lying down on my bed when I sleep, a sudden twist and turn will sent sharp pain through my legs and back. Sometimes when I walk too much, my butt hurts really badly. I'm hoping this pain will go away after pregnancy and everything will be back to normal. I'm sure walking with a rollator is not as fun as it looks. I need the freedom to run, jump and walk about.


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