February 26, 2009

Babies of 2009

You know, one good thing about having sisters is that you can share all stuff, clothes and every else girlie. More if you're going to have a baby, you get all the hand-me-down baby stuffs like baby clothes, baby cot, baby walker, stroller and such.

But the thing now is, my eldest sister has just given birth to a baby boy. My second sister is expecting a baby somewhere in October this year and I, on the other hand, will be expecting a baby too this coming September. With so many babies born in the same year, there's really not enough of hand-me-down this time around, or rather passing around of baby's stuff.

So when I know that one of the blogger mom is selling off her baby cot for 300 bucks, I quickly grab it. I think that's a very good deal because she also offered me a baby latex pillow, a latex mattress, 2 sets of cot bumper and a mosquito net. For my first baby, I didn't spend a single dollar on buying baby's bedding because then everything was given to me by my sisters. My sister is so considerate to even let me have her brand new jogging stroller. Am I lucky or what?
With the arrival of three newborn babies, this is sure an exciting year for our family.


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