May 12, 2007

velvet ribbon belt

i'm a loyal surfer of martha always full of surprisingly gorgeous ideas for every craft or decorations i need. just thought thing velvet belt thingy is so freakin easy to make and stylish don't you think. the good thing is that i already have everythin i need to make one. no. i probably could make 10.

here's how:

Add a luxurious touch to any outfit with a belt of velvet ribbon. but i think it's another great idea for a scrapbook.

Cut 2 1/2 yards of natural-fiber velvet ribbon. Slip two D rings slightly wider than the ribbon onto one end, and fold both ends of the ribbon in toward the midpoint, fuzzy side out, keeping the D rings at one folded end. Remove backing from a 1 1/4-yard piece of iron-on fuse tape, and sandwich it between the layers; place scrap velvet facedown on top, and iron on the cotton setting to fuse the layers.


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