May 15, 2007

good for your hair

i found this so called celebrity best kept secret to beautiful hair on youtube. no harm tryin, and since everythin i need i can find it in the kitchen. so i did try.

all you need is:

half a grapefruit

an egg,

a tablespoon of olive oil

please do not include the grafefruit pulp as it can be quite disastrous, trust me on this. i thought its a good thing until i have to clean my hair twice to get rid of those pulps stickin to my hair. gosh!

and this is how you do it:

squeeze the grapefruit juice, beat up the egg and add in the olive oil. tadaaaa..apply it to your dry hair and leave it for 20minutes.

the result to me, is not very impressive. but still it does good for your hair.


interesting.... I was always warned to keep clear of any citrus.
In much the same way that is sucks the enamel off your teeth I was advised it would strip, not shine my hair.
most interesting...

hi dallas,
serious? never heard of it before though..thanks for droppin by..

why do you say it's not impressive? did it do damage to your hair? i wanted to try it out coz i want to improve on the texture and shine of my hair.

i was expectin hair like jennifer aniston, that's why i ended up dissappointed.

then again, as i said, i include the pulps of the grapefruit. it didn't came off completely after the first wash. then i got pissed.

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