April 20, 2009

Bandung, here we come again!

Remember our last trip to Bandung somewhere in September last year? We bought a whole lot of clothes at the Bandung factory outlets, and we must have visited at least 30 outlets if not more. Bandung is indeed a shopping paradise for shopaholic who couldn't afford to go anywhere near Paris or Milan, people just like me. LOL.

When I told my mom that I've confirmed all our tickets, I can see the excitement in her face. Though she was there the last time we went, she was stuck in the hotel room 2 out of 4 days we were there. She had a serious food poisoning and was almost admitted into the hospital. The medication given to her by the hospital doesn't work on her, and we sisters got to search high and low for other diarhea medication for her from the pharmacy.

We just can't wait to be there in Bandung again, but both mom and I agree that we will be extra caution this time with the food we eat and the water we drink. We must drink only bottled mineral water and no others. Also, we must remember to bring along our own medical supplies for emergency, just in case one of us fall sick. Having been there once, this time around, we're sure a lot smarter. LOL.


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