January 1, 2009

Hello there 2009!

Yeah-hoooooo 2009 is here. Every time the clock strikes 12 on a New Year, I can feel this excitement in me that this year will be better. Perhaps thats what everyone feels, or it is just me? I don't know. But one thing for sure, a new year means we're all getting a little older too, right? Hopefully all of us gets a little wiser and bolder.

At midnight, all of us walked out to the roadside to see the fireworks display. It was really a pretty sight, the fireworks are just amazing. But too bad, Shern being the scary cat, clinged on to me like a koala bear, refused to let go and peek the fireworks once in a while. At four years of age as of 2009, I thought he'll be a little bolder, but I guess we all have to wait.

As always, on the first day of new year, all shopping complexes will be packed to the max, so I doubt we'll be going anywhere near a mall tomorrow. I hate to go shopping when it's too crowded, like I'm claustrophobic or something. Nevermind the big sale is going on, the mega discount on the designer costume jewelry. I'm just not going shopping tomorrow. Period. Maybe we'll just bring the kids swimming, I'm sure they'll love it there much more than the shopping malls.

Happy New Year!


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